The World’s First Automatic Midstream Urine Sample Collector

What is Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™

The Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™ is a midstream urine sample collection device, designed and clinically proven to make urine sample collection automatic, patient and staff independent, delivering a clinically proven, significantly superior and more accurate sample, which is collected more hygienically, more easily, cleanly, economically and faster than anything currently available.

Background of urine collection

The mid stream urine sample is the preferred clinical method for all urine sample collection because the first part of the urine may be contaminated with bacteria from the skin. However, it is still a challenge to experience uncomfortable pauses and the risk of contaminating the sample with the hands when collecting the middle of a flow of urine (the midstream urine sometimes referred to as MSU).A contaminated urine sample is where the urine sample cannot be analysed due to it being mixed or contaminated with bacteria other than from the bladder (e.g. from the urethra, unsterile sample containers etc). Contamination is not the same but can lead to what is called a false positive or a false negative sample.

How does the Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™ works

The Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™ (as stated in Jackson et al) "is not simply a funnel, but incorporates a flow-sensitive channel and diverter that, using urodynamic principles, excludes the initial low-flow portion of the urinary stream, thus discarding the contaminated early stream volume, and automatically collects the midstream volume without interrupting the stream." 

As there is no spillage or over-fill, neither the patient nor the staff member handling the sample experience wet hands, wet clothes or soiled bottles.


Benefits of Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™ kit

The Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™ is a quantum-leap forward in technology and product design for woman and for men and children.

Summary of robust large scale trials and peer reviewed clinical evidence on the Whiz® CleanCatch® Midstream™ reveals the following:

Reduction in Contamination rate
Clinical Staff, first-time patient users and second time patient users prefer it
Reduction in heavy mixed growth contamination
Reduction in urine spillage
Reduction in retests
Improvement in the number of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) detection
Improvement in number of clinically non-significant growth
Reduces the risk of ESBL (extended spectrum beta-lactamase) MRSA and C.difficile
Reduces the potential of risk of clinical negligence cases
Only product conforming to all EU regulatory practices


"A novel midstream urine collection device reduces contamination rates in urine cultures amongst women" Jackson et al - BJU Int. August 2005, 96 pp 360-364

Improving the quality of mid-stream urine samples with a collection device" Dryden et al - Poster (ICAAC Program Committee Award), ICAAC Sept 2007, Chicago

How easy is it to use Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™

There are simple instructions are on the packaging of each product. All you do is attach the sample bottle, hold the Midstream comfortably against the body, and wee normally. Nature and gravity and the Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™ do the rest. (please see below diagram)


Although the Whiz® CleanCatch® Midstream is designed for use by women of all ages, from 3 upwards, it can also be used by boys and men. For separate instruction for male users, kindly write to us for more information.

Does Whiz® CleanCatch® Midstream™ device meets regulatory approvals

- The Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™ is registered with the Competent Authority of the Republic of   Ireland since 2004 as an IVD (in-vitro diagnostic) device
- CE marked for major EU countries
- FDA approved
- Available in several parts of the world including Singapore where it is registered and approved

Where and When can Whiz® CleanCatch® Midstream™ be used

It can be used in any situation where a urine sample needs to be given. It can be used in any environment i.e. hospitals, medical centres , homes, GP's offices, laboratories, nursing homes, law enforcement, or public corporate testing etc


1) Where does the urine go to when I use the Cleancatch® Midstream™ ?

The first stream will go into a toilet wherever you point the Midstream. The mid stream will be automatically collected in the provided sterile sample container, the remaining or last stream will go into a toilet wherever you point the Midstream.

2) What are the versions of Cleancatch® Midstream™ ?

Whiz® Cleancatch® Midstream™ is packed in a sterile pack and available in standard(white cap) or boric acid (red cap) version .The function of boric acid is that of a preservative for use when the sample will take some time to get to the laboratories

3) Is the Cleancatch® Midstream™ hygienic ?

Completely. It is Sterilised and comes in sterilisation packing that ensures the sterility is maintained to a level of the legal requirement for sterile products

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