Every girl and woman can use the freedom at anytime and anywhere. From the Military to the Cultural, from the medical to the recreational, from those below ground to those above ground - the Whiz freedom has been used in every situation.
Product Features
High Quality: leak free and made from medical grade thermo plastic elastomer.
Hygienic: impregnated with anti bacterial and anti fungal and anti microbial agents. Self-cleansing: Being hydrophobic,it repels all liquid. With one flick, it cleans & dry - the ultimate reusable hygienic product
Proven: Lily shape clinically tested by over 1400 women, now used by tens of thousands of women around the world
Approved: CE marked, FDA approved and available in the UK.
Dependable: will not overflow, leak or cause splash back.
Discreet: easily folds into a pocket or handbag.
Reassuring: preserves freedom and dignity.
Reusable - ecofriendly & value for money
Suitable even for young females as young as 8 years old
Remember, some unhygienic public toilets - whether sitting or hovering - are breeders of germs, and aerosol contamination, so your Whiz Freedom is a far cleaner option! Especially for women

Whiz freedom is available at the following Singapore outlets:

  • Selected Guardian Health & Beauty stores notably at Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Vivo City
  • Outdoor Life stores at Wheelock Place Orchard & Novena Square
    * Whiz freedom is a registered trademark and is patent protected
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